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  • FallCrest

    h1. FallCrest A small predominantly human settlement, [[FallCrest]] lies in the crossroads between the [[Nentir River]] and the [[Moon Hills]]. Most recently the Col family had come and re-established the settlement and refurbished what they could of …

  • Dragon Graveyard

    This ancient Graveyard was found by Archeologist two summers ago. They unearthed some Dragon bones and for no apparent reason vanished. Everyone who lives in [[FallCrest]] assumes they had gone home. but [[:father-judha| Father Judha]] seems to feel …

  • Trade Road


  • Moon Spring Inn

    A sturdy looking building that appears to be the beacon of light in this town. The [[Moon Spring Inn]] is run by a lively halfing named [[:coullup-roughfoot | Coullup RoughFoot]]. Located at the south side of town near the strongest part of the walls. …

  • Kings Road

    A dirt road that moves through most of the [[WinterHaven]] lands. It can be scenenic in some areas but also many ambushes take place because of the lack of guard posts. Traders and merchants still use it but sometimes they are unsuccessful.

  • Merchants Stop

    A medium sized building across the street from the [[Moon Spring Inn]] it is the only store in town to pickup everything from common spices to traveling implements. A variety of potions and salves are also for sale.

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