Coullup RoughFoot

Halfling Inn owner


A fey looking gentle halfling. he is chubby and has a habit of never wearing shoes. his ears are pointed not like an elf but like his ear was two sizes too big. he wears a fine outfit of moderately priced clothing tailored for children.


Coullop is a tender heart who has a very mysterious past. He came from no where he tells everyone. He reminds them it’s not where you come from but where you are that matters. His wit and charm keep him well loved. He cares greatly for his adopted daughters Jizel and Shotzie. He wishes to give them a good life but is unable to free himself of the financial burden he is under and the fact without his Inn most of the town would be homeless and disheartened. Next to the Avander he is the most loved citizen of FallCrest.

Coullup RoughFoot

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